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About Cartlow

it all Happens!So what does Cartlow do to help?Cartlow is a re-commerce initiative built on the bases of helping retailers discard less to save the environment while passing on benefits of savings to the customers.

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We have all experienced the hassle of buying or selling a pre-owned item, so we decided to take this challenge and turn it into a solution where retailers can liquidate their returned/aged stock and customers get access to amazing high-quality products at unbeatable prices and hassle-free!

How it all Happens!

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Did you know that millions of pre-loved, returned and aged stock is discarded every year by consumers and retailers?

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This places a carbon footprint on the environment.

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Creates a missed opportunity for many customers.

So what does Cartlow do to help?

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Pre-loved, returned and aged stock products arrive to our warehouse

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Our team of experts inspects, tests, certifies and assigns a condition to each product.

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We add new products for you every day with unbeatable prices and deals that you can’t resist

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You take a pre-loved product instead to a new home to be loved again

Our Team


We are a group of ambitious, hard-working people. We unite our experiences and work hand-in-hand towards achieving our vision to make Cartlow the first and biggest re-commerce solution in the region.

Each member of our team is key to our success, and so far we have had an amazing journey getting to where we are today. We are thankful for the support of our customers, and we hope that we will always provide you with a marvelous journey.

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