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Arwa Bottled Drinking Water 1.5L (Pack of 6 Pieces)

Arwa Bottled Drinking Water 1.5L (Pack of 6 Pieces)

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The Arwa Bottled Drinking water sustains your body’s hydration needs to maintain its healthy constitution. Its transparent appearance and crisp taste will not only quench your thirst but also make you relish its nectar-like flavor. The Arwa 1.5 liters bottled drinking water has low sodium content, making it suitable for individuals with high blood pressure and cardiac conditions. It has a balanced pH level of 7 to prevent acidity in your stomach. It serves as the best filler for making preservative-based refreshment drinks, including mocktails and lemonades.

Enriching Contents

The Arwa drinking water has low sodium levels for minimizing the risk of heart failure and kidney damage. It is formulated to have a constant pH of 7 for keeping your digestive system free of acidity. The enriching minerals serve to take care of the body’s nutritional requirements alongside hydration needs.

Sweet Nectar-like Taste

The water is concocted to produce a sweet taste that’ll remind you of the nectar-like flavor of fresh river water straight from the mountain alps. Each sip taken will make you relish every drop of its savory goodness.


  • Brand: ARWA
  • Product: Drinking Water 
  • Packaging: Bottle
  • Net Content: 1.5 L
  • Quantiity: 6 Pieces