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10 Apr 2019

The price is very great. I always hope that your prices will be competitive for all
Yz Ah

13 Apr 2019

Nice laptop.. Love it
Mohammed Hussam

19 Apr 2019

The battery is not working and it needs to be fixed

23 Apr 2019

It’s supposed to have 2 extra batteries since its a flymore combo but to my surprise only 1 battery
Ahamed Deen

23 Apr 2019

because I received items not my order

25 Apr 2019

Taufique Ismail

25 Apr 2019

Nice product.
Tanmay aggarwal

26 Apr 2019

Items are not checked properly. Received a faulty product.
Samuel Favour

28 Apr 2019

Good job Cartlow, with the way you handle my order and thanks for been understanding, when i complained that am not always around to receive the product I ordered for, due to the nature of my job, still you adjusted in a way it will convenient me to receive my order and for that I appreciate you. Ive received my order and I will definitely recommend Cartlow to my friends. Thank you!
Murad Sawalha

29 Apr 2019

Amazing device, good job Guys
Murad Sawalha

29 Apr 2019

Great job, cheap prices and amazing services , keep it up

30 Apr 2019

It's Fake as I want to return the order.
Bhatta Bhatta

01 May 2019

Thank you
ahmed majdi ashouri

02 May 2019

perfect condition keep it up
Pardeep AC

04 May 2019

it was my first purchase from you but so much disappointed. I ordered beats X earphones (open box ) but I got it dead and without a charging cable. if you really want me to become your loyal costumer, then call me, convince me and deliver charging cable to me.
nabil chahrour

05 May 2019

good job
Priya Darshsn

07 May 2019

I have no Microsoft account product key Where is it.. Even you didn't give accessories with my laptop only charging.. Its very bad service I Don't like
Arnel Ian Partosa

10 May 2019

The JBL Go i have ordered is not working properly. Everytime I maximizing the volume its shutdown automatically. Can you do something to replace the item.
Ribin Koothrat

21 May 2019

Lenovo yoga tab 3 850F for just 378 aed! And such a flawless device without any scratch. Thanks a lot Cartlow.
Cihad Cuma

23 May 2019

thank you for your service
ahmed majdi ashouri

29 May 2019

perfect product condition with compatible price.
अजित बिष्ट

08 Jun 2019

It's not working

08 Jun 2019

Product below expectation and doesn’t give any info about how to use in the Box provided
Dalia mazen

11 Jun 2019

Very bad , I ordered it as brand new but it was already used one, the filter of the machine has coffee in it and the machine has scratches so it is not new, I thought their is honesty, I want to return the product
Nakabugo Moureen

17 Jun 2019

I loved it

17 Jun 2019

thank you for BBM I love it
Shafreen VP

25 Jun 2019

its single sim not dual sim

25 Jun 2019

Ali Mir

26 Jun 2019

They don't work as wireless. Only sometimes
Rowell Daplas

02 Jul 2019

Thank you for being true to your ADs. Thumbs up also to your delivery time it was fast than expected.
Jabulani Chasara

04 Jul 2019

Thanks alot great staff
Shafreen VP

06 Jul 2019

Shafreen VP

06 Jul 2019

Ranit Roy

09 Jul 2019

Pizz call me 0554652179
Far Mousa

11 Jul 2019

The lowest price I could find online. Plus they sent me extra 10% discount code. Item was brand new in its original packing. Im very happy!
Nour Sleiman

22 Jul 2019

Great products just as described
Far Mousa

22 Jul 2019

Amazong price for brand new product
omar Ahmed

27 Jul 2019

The quality of the product not good, the delivery was very very bad late on time and couldn't use location in whatsapp well.
Randa Habib Hachem

02 Aug 2019

Kindly i buy i pad from you online shop but the i pad it’s not good how can i retuned back
Warren Roque

05 Aug 2019

Unlike AWOK who gave me a headache and bad experience, Cartlow is way above its competitors. Products are of highest quality and service is way better! ❤️
syam nadh

08 Aug 2019

rate 4
Salman Akbar Dingankar

09 Aug 2019

Please make sure all the accessories are there in the package
Максим Ал Шарык

14 Aug 2019

Amazing product

18 Aug 2019

i got what i really want to
Dana Alm

21 Aug 2019

it was very fast I order 2 days ago and received it today
Fano Badshah

21 Aug 2019

Meluz Lalap Pedraja

25 Aug 2019

It was my first time using this app for online shopping and I wasn’t expecting it to be so quick! I still have one pending item but that’s from another seller. So guys, before checking out, kindly check if the item is from Cartlow, coz you’ll definitely have the item on hand the next day! ***Suggested to Mom to use the app, she just placed an order! ;)***
Kenx Sarvida

25 Aug 2019

i reicive the item but its fake..i compare this item to youtube its fake and its read so slowwwww!!!
Reyaz Mohammed

26 Aug 2019

Mistakes are very common in Cartlow however this time everything was as described.
Reyaz Mohammed

26 Aug 2019

Was happy with the purchase.
Reyaz Mohammed

26 Aug 2019

Had some issues with the condition of the laptop however it was resolved. Happy with the purchase in the end.
Reyaz Mohammed

26 Aug 2019

Happy with the purchase. Liked all 3 items.
Reyaz Mohammed

26 Aug 2019

Great deal. Nice laptop.
Muhammad Patel

26 Aug 2019

there is no power output connector in the box although the box clearly mention with power output. it is of no use without it
michael alden ebao

02 Sep 2019

its not working. i want my money returm back.

04 Sep 2019

but i want tge original charger plzzz its not actully air charger its oro charger
Rakesh Matha

05 Sep 2019

Sanjay Singh

07 Sep 2019

Warren Roque

08 Sep 2019

On time delivery and product is well wrapped. I have 3 problem though. 1) The preloaded ms office. I dont know how to activate it, no instruction included in the package. 2) How to claim the 5tb online storage. 3) I also noted that there's a windows.old folder which occupy 11.8gb on storage. I cannot erase it through disk cleanup because it is not showing as previous version.
Sobin Daniel

09 Sep 2019

Your message
Adnan Nore

09 Sep 2019

The product delivered was used and not new as described. The box seal was open , there was dirt inside, no screen protector as Should be in that kind of watch, and scratch beneath the watch.
Jitan K

10 Sep 2019

Lenovo K8 was defected May be always notifications showing software update am doing 5 time within 1 hrs
Muhammed Shofiul Alam

12 Sep 2019

The mobiles is really fresh and price is really good

16 Sep 2019

delivered quickly
Allana Joy Porlay

23 Sep 2019

Delivery was fast but item is trash. I want a refund.
Amr Ashour

23 Sep 2019

Battery very bad and does not charge even if put on charger for full day! It only works when wire connected
Dennise Ortiz

25 Sep 2019

but i doubt if its original or not because i dont feel any weight from it.

26 Sep 2019


28 Sep 2019

good communication

30 Sep 2019

Mohamed Badhudha

02 Oct 2019

Nouwar Nakhli

03 Oct 2019

Thanks a lot for great items : two Elekta kettle with teapot
Saif abdulla alblooshi

04 Oct 2019

New headset sure ? And not open

05 Oct 2019

The water dispenser does not work cold water worked for 2 days now does not turn on any more, the hot water does not work at all
Che Rry

05 Oct 2019

i thought it was Fire HD 10 which is the latest amazon tablet but it sad to say that what i received is Fire HD 8..pls next time pls specify what is the exactly items u sell not other specification just to buy ur items.
Nooril Ansar Abdul Lathieef

06 Oct 2019

I ordered 2 pcs. But only 1 pc delivered. Now I get reply from cart low that the item is out of stock. Advance communication to be done in such cases. Waiting for refund for 1 piece.

06 Oct 2019

Great concept I will support!
Rajat Buha

11 Oct 2019

it's original product.very good it is.thanx cartlow.
Salah Qandeel

13 Oct 2019

great deal
Pankj Deori

15 Oct 2019

Picture and description is deferent what I received.

15 Oct 2019

Nice! I just ordered another one
Anna Bohdanova

16 Oct 2019

Used this application first time, everything I liked, good prices, fast delivery
Ahmad Altamari

16 Oct 2019

Thanks alot
Esmaeel abdollah

16 Oct 2019

مرحبا انا ابغي لغو الطلبيه
Dr Tarek Moustafa

17 Oct 2019

Excellent condition with the original box and plastic packaging
Dr Tarek Moustafa

17 Oct 2019

Waqas Ali

19 Oct 2019

Austin Elroy

21 Oct 2019

how to return the product

24 Oct 2019

Love it
Peter De Guzman Hechona

26 Oct 2019

Malîk Numân

28 Oct 2019

its again and again commecting

29 Oct 2019

there is no headset and backcover in the phone
Olumakinwa Taiwo

29 Oct 2019

delivery was smooth and fast ! awesome
سيف حسن

29 Oct 2019

أرجو مراجعتي بسرعه
Nazim Uddin

30 Oct 2019

Excellent quality

30 Oct 2019

Device is really laggy and slow but it does do the job
Coby Cartoonz

03 Nov 2019

Once disconnected to phone, it takes time to connect again
Rey David Gonzalez Barrios

04 Nov 2019

Products came very quickly, excellent value for my money
syed ahmed alam

05 Nov 2019

bass is good but when you turn down the bass below 40 or 50 it very quite, you have to raise the volume to get sound to hear.
Famela Eclarino

05 Nov 2019

thank you. iloveit

08 Nov 2019

ماوصلتني الطلبيييه
هادي المنصورري

09 Nov 2019

الرقم غلط الصحيح (0506675750)
Xistence Studios

09 Nov 2019

overall I'm happy because the product matters
Paul John Romero

11 Nov 2019

it says brand new with damaged box but when i received the item, the box doesn't even look like it's damaged! The delivery came earlier than expected! the price is also very reasonable given it's an over ear headphone with ANC already and with JBL brand
Mark Veluz Felix

12 Nov 2019

the products was good and new even it's not in it's original box.
Anton Chamara

12 Nov 2019

Fast Drain Battery
Anton Chamara

12 Nov 2019

Fast Drain
Thariq Naushad

16 Nov 2019

The ear piece is broken
Saydullo Bozorboyev

17 Nov 2019

Thank you for all that was great delivery
maxwell mwenda

19 Nov 2019

Ayman Rasmy

20 Nov 2019

Damage item
Ayman Rasmy

20 Nov 2019

The item not good quality as per disruption
Mohannad Herzalla

21 Nov 2019

where is the warranty paper
Abdul Khadir

24 Nov 2019

Delivered on time
Abdul Khadir

24 Nov 2019

On time delivery
Mk Abubaker

25 Nov 2019

were good i like
Mamoun Kanaki

27 Nov 2019

الجهاز فيه مشكله الشريحه تفصل

28 Nov 2019


28 Nov 2019

It’s trustable
Mahmoud Salem

30 Nov 2019

I need black smart watch
ابو مؤيد ال عواد

02 Dec 2019

يد البلايستيشن سيء ماكمل شهر وخرب
Mk Abubaker

03 Dec 2019


07 Dec 2019

اريد ارجاع السلعه
Shamil Saidalavi

09 Dec 2019

Great PC
Taimoor Khan

10 Dec 2019

A Big Thank You to the previous owner of this laptop. He kept it in Absolute Mint Condition. I'm a new Gamer on PC but, a Pro Gamer on Console. For those like me, for First Timers: an 8GB Ram, 4GB Graphics Card, Ryzen 5 Branded, 500GB SSD is the basics of specs you are looking for. I can play old games Saints Row 2 and Borderlands Pre Sequel with absolute ease at High Graphics and everything ticked On. I have even downloaded GTA 5 and it runs Medium to High Graphics but, still far better than Gaming Laptops lower in specs than this laptop. I had to go through 3 Laptops to get to this one. Finally, I can game competitively. And, yes 500 GB is enough for a Decent 6 to 8 Top quality games and as most of my games are on Console, having a few of my favourite on a portable laptop is really fun. Thank you again to the previous owner. Thank you to Cartlow for their friendly experience and customer support.
Bahaa sakr

11 Dec 2019

برجاء إلغاء الطلبية
Salih M&Co

15 Dec 2019

love it
Shau Gergin

15 Dec 2019

Legit and everything is good. Thank you for fast delivery
Khawar Qadeer

15 Dec 2019

wassim elwardi

15 Dec 2019

As a bargain hunter im so happy with what i’ve got especially for the price, i highly recommend buying from this app, u’ll never regret it
Mk Abubaker

17 Dec 2019

no good
Vicky Madeshiya

18 Dec 2019

I'm so happy with your service
abdul Nasser

19 Dec 2019

5 stars Authentique n the sound is super
Farrah Aleema

21 Dec 2019

Ordered MI Band4 and JBL Flip4, i received the wrong USB charger of older model. So I’m unable to charge my band. Registered a complaint about this issue and it’s been 6 days I haven’t received any response from the team. Such a bad experience.
Patrick Ferrer

24 Dec 2019

they send me not for gopro hero 5..what they send me is for gopro earlier version
Herbert Flores

27 Dec 2019

i received only 1 item but i ordered 2
Jquarzd Ahmad

28 Dec 2019

اود استرجاع أو استبدال السماعه لا يوجد بها تقنيه البلوتوث او واير ليس
Lewaa alansari

29 Dec 2019

تم طلب الشراء في تاريخ ٢٥ ديسمبر ٢٠١٩ وكان موعد التوصيل ٥ ايام وبعد الانتهاء من الطلب اصبح موعد التوصيل ٣٠ ديسمبر ٢٠٢٠ !!! ... هل معقول سيستغرق التوصيل سنه كامله !!!؟؟؟
Munaf Munna

02 Jan 2020

not working. already returned till now no reply
Mark Louie

04 Jan 2020

The unit that you are selling is not new and defective
Wano 95

04 Jan 2020

Yousef Beik

05 Jan 2020

:( hhshsh
firas jaouni

05 Jan 2020

fake product not original
kusal rajapakse

06 Jan 2020

Recommend to any music freak
Sheraz Sarwar

08 Jan 2020

excellent product received
Seena Zarie

08 Jan 2020

Nice application with nice service
Javid Keethadath

09 Jan 2020

Wroste item,I was orderd Samsung s8plus dual season.but I recived Samsung s8..and it’s not original as well,so I would like to return asap

10 Jan 2020

اريد إرجاع الطلب
mamoon Alikoya

10 Jan 2020

the item was packed properly although yhe serial number on the box had been erased.
Joel George

11 Jan 2020

item recieved in bad quality, Quality- requested for refund and no response

11 Jan 2020

Without a call , how come the product is been returned , such a bad service I have never seen
Mohammed Abd ELrahman Shabana

12 Jan 2020

We not received in the day for Delvery
Deepak Mohan

14 Jan 2020

I was able to see that it was used before (Bluetooth connection name was nothing related to Bose and when I connected to the Bose Application it was showing previous connected phone in history
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